17 June 2015

Tony returns and Frostgrave beckons!

After many years trapped in a frozen sleep on the the icy and desolate North Coast of Ireland. I have awoken once again, to edit my blog and post drivel!

What has rekindled this interest in Blogging? I hear no one ask... Well it's Frostgrave. A new Fantasy skirmish game from Osprey, distributed and promoted by Northstar... Written by 'The Renaissance Troll' - AKA Joseph McCullough. You can view his blog here:


And wonderfully illustrated by Dmitry Burmak:


I've backed the Nickstarter for the £40 pledge and I have decided that my first warband will be based around the Witch and Apprentice miniatures. At the time of writing, I'm not due to receive these miniatures for another month but that hasn't stopped me getting started.

I've made a quick and dirty Photoshop mashup to show off my miniatures and painting so far. Credit to the original artist for the background: http://thy-darkest-hour.deviantart.com/art/Ruins-of-Winter-339969159

13 December 2009

Lagan Gulch at Q-Con 09

I've just rediscovered a few photo's of a Legends of the Old West Game that we played at Q-Con 09.

11 December 2009

Map for Second Big Very British Civil War Game

I volunteered to draw up a map for Mort over at the Gentleman's Wargaming Parlour forum for their Second Big Very British Civil War Game. The brief was to produce a map of North Somerset based on the 1930's London Underground map.
I'm pleased with how it turned out!

I would love to get over for the game but funds are low at the moment so I'm not sure it will be possible or not.

24 August 2009

Legends of the Old West Mini Campaign

Here is a flyer that I have knocked up for a Legends of the Old West Mini Campaign that I'm trying to organise at Table Top North in Belfast.

09 July 2009

A Very British Civil War

I have recently been reading the wonderful "A very British Civil War" source book (you can find it on eBay).

I will right more of an explanation when I get chance. In the meantime here is a flag that I made whist eating my dinner!

The Salford Workers Militia