17 June 2015

Tony returns and Frostgrave beckons!

After many years trapped in a frozen sleep on the the icy and desolate North Coast of Ireland. I have awoken once again, to edit my blog and post drivel!

What has rekindled this interest in Blogging? I hear no one ask... Well it's Frostgrave. A new Fantasy skirmish game from Osprey, distributed and promoted by Northstar... Written by 'The Renaissance Troll' - AKA Joseph McCullough. You can view his blog here:


And wonderfully illustrated by Dmitry Burmak:


I've backed the Nickstarter for the £40 pledge and I have decided that my first warband will be based around the Witch and Apprentice miniatures. At the time of writing, I'm not due to receive these miniatures for another month but that hasn't stopped me getting started.

I've made a quick and dirty Photoshop mashup to show off my miniatures and painting so far. Credit to the original artist for the background: http://thy-darkest-hour.deviantart.com/art/Ruins-of-Winter-339969159


Anonymous said...

Nicely done sir! A man of many talents :-)

Tony does stuff said...

I'm not so sure the Mrs would agree about that mate but cheers. :-)